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    Jiangsu Meilong aviation parts Co., Ltd. has passed as9100d quality system certification and become a qualified supplier of COMAC, AVIC, CETC, aerospace science and technology, aerospace science and engineering. The company actively participates in the development of C919, ARJ21 and other aircraft, and is a supplier of cargo cabin interior system for COMAC. The company has undertaken the manufacturing of various types of composite parts and machined parts, and has developed A320, A330, B737-800, B777, e190 and other types of aircraft interior decoration projects. At present, the company is delivering interior parts for COMAC C919 and ARJ21 aircraft, providing Airbus A350 international subcontract production for Rockwell Collins (products include kitchen and toilet system, first-class seat parts, etc.) and continuously providing interior parts for Airbus, Boeing and other multi model ground training aircraft for aviation colleges and airlines.

    The R & D team of Meilong aviation is composed of more than 20 designers with rich experience in aviation product design, forming Jiangsu Meilong Zhenhua Technology Co., Ltd. The team is composed of professional personnel of organization, metal structure, composite materials, strength and system reliability. The team configuration is scientific and complete. The team has rich experience in the design and development of aviation institutions and aviation parts, and has successively participated in ARJ21, C919, ma700, Bombardier C series, q400 aircraft, wide body aircraft pre research and other projects. The team has complete aircraft mechanism design, civil aircraft component design, composite product design, strength analysis and simulation capabilities, and can provide one-stop R & D services.