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    Aviation industry of Zhenjiang new area draws the picture of "flying sky"


    Start from scratch, witness from scratch

    "To be honest, Zhenjiang does not have many advantages over other cities with a solid foundation in aerospace industry, apart from its geographical advantage of being close to Shanghai. In spite of this, Zhenjiang is the most practical and fruitful place in some self-made cities. " This is what a senior leader of COMAC, headquartered in Shanghai, said when communicating with the Investment Promotion Department of Zhenjiang new area a few days ago.

    According to Lu Zhongyue, deputy director of the Management Committee of Zhenjiang New Area, two years ago, Zhenjiang's aerospace industry was still a blank sheet. Now, there are 36 aviation related enterprises in Zhenjiang, with sales of more than 5 billion yuan. In recent years, our city has introduced more than 30 central enterprises to invest in Zhenjiang, with a total investment of nearly 90 billion yuan. Among these central enterprises, quite a few are aerospace enterprises. For example, the third Academy of Aerospace Science and industry of China has invested 1.2 billion yuan to build an aerospace composite material production base in Zhenjiang new area; Some of the leading domestic aviation related enterprises, such as AVIC, XAC, CASI, CASI and CASI, have invested in Zhenjiang, while others are pushing forward the cooperation projects.

    Xu Lintao, deputy director of the first Bureau of China Merchants of the New District, returned from the Zhuhai air show which closed not long ago. He was still in a restless mood: "at this year's Zhuhai Air Show, we finally got a glimpse of China's independently developed C919 airliner. Both visitors and designers are proud of it. So we have to mention the special day of August 6 this year. On that day, COMAC, Hong Kong future international and Zhenjiang xinmeilong signed a series of letters of intent for investment and cooperation in the interior decoration system of the C919 airliner project in Zhenjiang. This means that there will be more and more Zhenjiang manufacturing on the large aircraft independently developed by China in the future. "

    Vigorously promote, witness the outbreak of development

    In the office of the No.1 Investment Promotion Bureau of the New District, Cai Zhengbao, deputy director in charge of the investment promotion of the aerospace industry, provided the reporter with a newly finalized introduction to Zhenjiang Aerospace Industrial Park.

    This eight page pamphlet, with plain statements and detailed statistical data, shows the firm determination of the new area to "dare to compete with strong players" in the development of aerospace industry. He said that since 2008, with the strong promotion of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, the development and construction of Zhenjiang Aviation Industrial Park has achieved remarkable results in less than two years. At present, the park has obtained the provincial brand of "Zhenjiang aviation science and Technology Industrial Park" approved by Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Department, and will continue to apply for national industrial park to the Ministry of science and technology in the next step.

    The Zhenjiang Aviation Industrial Park mentioned by Cai Zhengbao is located in the southeast of Dagang District of the New District, with a planning area of 10 square kilometers, including five industrial areas: Aviation Precision machinery manufacturing area, cabin equipment and interior decoration industrial area, aviation new materials industrial area, aviation scientific research service area, large parts processing and parts assembly area. Among them, the first development of the western area of cabin equipment and interior industry zone and aviation precision machinery manufacturing zone.

    According to the introduction of the Investment Promotion Department of the new area, up to now, seven projects have been settled in the industrial park, with a total investment of nearly 5 billion yuan, including the cabin interior system integration production base project supporting the large aircraft project with a total investment of 300 million euros, and the composite materials and Zhenjiang Aerospace Industrial Park project of CASC with a total investment of 1 billion yuan, In addition, there are four foreign-funded projects with a total investment of about US $100 million and aviation and military products projects with a total investment of 260 million yuan. It involves cabin interior system integration, aerospace composite materials, aircraft lighting system, aviation interior parts and aviation seats.

    Looking forward to the future, we will realize the dream of Fuyao

    Zhenjiang has a deep historical origin with China's aviation industry. BA yuzao, a pioneer of China's aviation industry, was born in Zhenjiang. Wu Daguan, a famous aero-engine expert and pioneer of aviation power industry, is also from Zhenjiang“ As an important town in the south of the Yangtze River, Zhenjiang is famous for its beautiful scenery and outstanding people. It has the location advantage of being close to Shanghai and users. As the backbone of China's aviation industry, the strategic cooperation between AVIC and Zhenjiang city is to better support the development of large passenger aircraft, further integrate into the world aviation industry chain and regional development economic circle. " This is a warm speech by Lin Zuoming, general manager of AVIC, at the Zhenjiang aerospace industry promotion activity of Zhuhai Travel Exhibition recently.

    At present, Zhenjiang new area is striving for leapfrog development and taking strategic emerging industries as a powerful engine to lead the future. The two projects of aviation components and aviation electrical appliances signed by Zhenjiang New Area and JETCO Investment Co., Ltd. last year have imported a large number of talents and technologies for the industrial park, and improved the industrial chain of Zhenjiang aviation industry development.