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    Zhenjiang aerospace industry has great potential to invest in Brazil and has been successfully invested


    In order to guide more Zhenjiang enterprises to participate in and enter the field of aerospace industry, strengthen the exchanges and cooperation between Zhenjiang aviation related enterprises and international well-known aerospace enterprises, attract large aerospace projects to settle in Zhenjiang, and accelerate the development of Zhenjiang's aerospace industry, a recent Zhenjiang Economic and trade delegation headed by Zhang Qingsheng, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee, He went to Brazil to carry out special investment promotion of aerospace industry and achieved a complete success.

    Brazil is one of the world's advanced aircraft manufacturers. Embraer is currently the world's third largest manufacturer of civil aircraft, especially regional aircraft. Embraer entered the Chinese market in 2000 and has extensive cooperation with Chinese aviation enterprises. With the implementation of China's large aircraft strategy, Brazil's willingness to cooperate with Chinese aviation enterprises, especially COMAC, is stronger.

    At 15:00 local time on November 29, the economic and trade delegation held the China Zhenjiang (Sao Paulo) Aerospace Industry Promotion Conference in Sao Paulo, the largest city in South America and the economic center of Brazil. More than 50 people attended the conference, including representatives of Embraer, Federation of Brazilian industries, Federation of Sao Paulo industries, representatives of Brazilian overseas Chinese economic and trade organizations, and relevant entrepreneurs.

    Zhang Qingsheng, head of the delegation and Deputy Secretary of the municipal Party committee, publicized Zhenjiang's regional transportation, history and humanities, economic development, industrial characteristics, especially the development momentum and cooperation opportunities of the aerospace industry. Sun Rongmao, Chinese Consul General in Sao Paulo, President of Sao Paulo branch of Bazhong chamber of Commerce and industry, President of Bazhong China Trade Promotion Association, and representative of Embraer delivered speeches respectively.

    The participants were full of praise for the achievements of Zhenjiang's rapid economic development and showed strong interest in the development advantages and business opportunities of Zhenjiang's aerospace industry. The participants believed that Zhenjiang's aerospace industry has obvious advantages, great potential and broad prospects. In the near future, entrepreneurs will be organized to visit Zhenjiang to discuss and promote cooperation projects in aircraft parts.

    During his stay in Pakistan, the economic and trade delegation held business talks with a number of aviation related enterprises and promoted a number of cooperation projects. Huang Xiangxun, a British businessman with a branch in Brazil, decided to set up Haobo International (China) Co., Ltd. in Zhenjiang New Area Aerospace Industrial Park, with a registered capital of US $40 million, specializing in the production of aviation seats and boarding bridges. Weber (France) and Jiangsu Golden voyage Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. have reached a joint venture agreement on the production of aviation interior parts.

    In addition, the delegation also visited the Chinese Consulate in Sao Paulo, the Pakistan China Trade Promotion Association and the Mitsubishi branch in Rio de Janeiro, and exchanged views on promoting bilateral economic and trade cooperation.