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    Development history

    In 1997, Danyang automobile soft decoration factory was founded;

    In 1999, the automobile interior test was successful, and the company founded Yuanji automobile interior decoration Co., Ltd. in Liuzhou high tech Zone in Liuzhou Dongfeng Automobile factory;

    In 2001, Danyang xinmeilong automobile soft accessories Co., Ltd. was established;

    In March, 2005, the technology research and development center was established and the "high rigidity and high quality composite hemp felt board" was successfully developed;

    In 2007, Jiangsu Meilong group company was established;

    In 2008, sales revenue exceeded 200 million yuan;

    In 2009, the Institute of high-tech composite materials was established;

    Jiangsu Meilong Aviation Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, marking the successful transformation of Meilong group from traditional manufacturing to high-end assembly manufacturing;

    Jiangsu Meilong Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015;

    In 2016, international cooperation, new materials put into operation;

    The investor successfully introduced it in 2017;

    2018 research and production license for weapons and equipment;

    Joint research and development of domestic interior of large aircraft in 2018;

    Successful introduction of round B investment in 2019