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    Company profile

    Jiangsu Meilong Automobile Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2007, is a subsidiary of Meilong group. At present, the group's business covers five major sectors: automobile, aviation, military products, rail transit and new materials.

    The company is located in JieXi Industrial Park, Jiepai Town, east suburb of Danyang City, in the middle section of Shanghai Nanjing Expressway. It is adjacent to Wanli Yangtze River in the East, 18 km southbound to Changzhou Benniu airport of civil aviation, about 200 km away from Shanghai, and 1 km away from the intersection of new Changtai expressway, The Yangtze River Delta economic belt is in rapid development. At present, the company has 235 employees. After more than ten years of development, the company has invested in the construction of molding production line for new automotive interior parts, special production line for automotive softened interior parts, production line for automotive interior plastic parts, special production line for automotive instrument panel, production line for high rigidity and high quality composite hemp felt board, production line for polymer modified hemp plastic alloy board, production line for Blister products, production line for painting equipment, production line for plastic parts, production line for plastic parts, production line for plastic parts, production line for plastic parts, production line for plastic parts, production line for plastic parts As well as mold and injection mold development center.

    The company has passed the quality management system certification of iatf16949:2016, and all products meet the requirements of 3C certification. In particular, the composite hemp felt board developed and produced by our company has the characteristics of environmental protection and energy saving, and has won the national patent, which is widely used in the interior of luxury buses and high-end cars.